The Warrior

The Warrior

The Warrior is one of the four corruptions in the Prince of Persia. He was once a powerful king, loyal to his people. They were once surrounded by their enemies, with no escape in sight. Ahriman offered to save them in exchange for The Warrior's soul. He loved his people so much, he accepted, and defeated all of their enemies. Once he took his form, though, he was unable to return to his kingdom for he embodied the beasts they feared. Now, his people are gone, and Ahriman has twisted his will and to serve his own dark purpose.

[edit] Appearance and Combat

The Warrior is a massive being of rock and corruption. He is slow and unerringly closes in on his targets. During combat none of the Prince's attacks nor Elika's can harm him. Each encounter with The Warrior might have a slightly different way to defeat him, all of them involving the environment. Typically you must push him off the ledge where he will fall to his defeat. This involves luring him near the edge and then dodging around until his back is facing the edge, and then getting close enough for him to initiate his stomp move.

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