The Guardian of the Timeline

The Dahaka is the main boss in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. During the Sands of Time the Prince escaped his fate by using the Dagger of Time to avoid death and as the Guardian of the Timeline, the Dakaha's role is to correct the timeline by removing the Prince. The Dahaka appears as a huge black beast with a human physic, it also appears to have tentacles that shoot out of it's chest when chasing the Prince.

Through-out the game the Dahaka is perceived as immortal, in the numerous occasions that the Prince is confronted by the Dahaka he refuses to stay and fight, instead opting to run from the beast. During the chase scenes the Dahaka will constantly be on your tail, taking too long on a jump or a wall run can result in the Dahaka catching you. The only way to escape the Dahaka is to reach some kind of water source (like a river of a waterfall) which appears to be the beast's main weakness.

[edit] Different Endings

There are 2 possible endings to the Warrior Within, both in involve the Dahaka.

If the Prince doesn't gain access to the Water Sword then he will fight The Empress of Time in the final battle, after defeating the Empress the Dahaka will arise and collect the her body and the Prince's amulet,without these two relics of the Sands, the Dahaka will no longer have a purpose and will disappear.

If the prince discovers all of the life upgrades in the game he gains access to the Water Sword before the final battle, he will then have to fight the Dahaka. With the help of the Empress he'll defeat the Dahaka by driving the Water Sword into it's skull destroying the beast once and for all.

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