New Prince

The New Prince will debut in Prince of Persia

Despite being a prince in nickname, this hero has no relation to any royalty. He's a wanderer and thief who lives only for the thrill of the moment, he doesn't dwell on his past or his future and looks only to his next goal.

The Prince is first seen looking for his donkey Farah who was lost in a sandstorm. Farah was carrying a ton of gold and riches which the Prince had stolen from an ancient tomb before the sandstorm struck. It was in the storm that the Prince ran into Elika, a young princess who was on the run from her father's royal guards. After fending off the guards the Prince accompanied Elika on her quest to find the temple that contains the Tree of Life. Upon entering the temple Elika is confronted by her father and refuses to obey him, as a result her father cuts the Tree of Life in half and unleashes Ahriman, the God of Darkness into the world who corrupts the land in darkness. Equipped with his Long Sword and Gauntlet the Prince must join with Elika to clear the land of Ahriman's corruption.

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