The Princes appearance in Two Thrones

The Prince is the main protagonist of the Sands of Time trilogy. He is the son of the Persian King Sharaman and is highly skilled in acrobatics and sword fighting. The Prince's personality take drastic changes as the trilogy progresses. The Sands of Time shows him as a young, arrogant and impulsive Prince who cares about nothing but achieving his goal. Seven years later the Prince returns in the Warrior Within with much darker characteristics. Having spent years running from the Dahaka he has been filled with anger and fear, constantly questioning his abilities. The Two Thrones shows a more mature Prince who's learned to show compassion for others around him, however he still has a dark hatred within him, a hatred that he must conquer before he can claim the throne to his kingdom.


[edit] The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time begins with the Prince mentioning a quote that has become a trademark of the trilogy:

"Most people think time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you, they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I am and why I say this. Sit down, and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard..."

The Prince first appears along-side his father Sharaman, as they lead the Persian army towards India. The Vizier has made a deal with Sharaman to betray the Maharajah in return for his choice of reward from the Maharajah's treasure vault. The Prince, who is keen to impress his father sets off alone to find himself something from the treasure vault and what he finds is the Dagger of Time. The Persian army leave India with all the Maharajah's treasures and women slaves, among the slaves is the Indian Princess Farah who has the Medallion of Time around her neck.

Sands of Time screen 2.jpg
After conquering India, Sharaman stopped off at Azad, where Sharaman presented the Hourglass of Time containing the Sands of Time as a gift to the Sultan. With the Prince in possession of the Dagger and the Hourglass in the possession of the Sultan, the Vizier has lost the two treasures he desired most, but hope was not entirely lost for him as he was able to trick the naive Prince into using the Dagger to unlock the Hourglass and unleash the Sands of Time. Only 3 people survived the Sand's plague, The Prince who was protected by the Dagger, the Vizier who was protected by his staff and Farah who was protected by the Medallion of Time. The Prince was forced to kill everyone else within Azad who had mutated in sand creatures, including his loyal army and own father. During the Prince's quest to bring down the Vizier, his relationship with Farah grows stronger although he is reluctant to tell her and only mentions it while thinking out loud when he's alone. However Farah later betrays the Prince, steals the Dagger of Time and goes in search for the Vizier herself. When the Prince finally catches up with her she is on the verge of falling to her death and surrounded by sand creatures. The Prince does his best to fight off the sand creatures but by the time he gets to Farah it's too late, she sacrifices herself so the Prince can keep hold of the Dagger.
The final battle between the Prince and the Vizier

The Prince makes his way down to Farah's body which is located right next to the Hourglass of Time. As he mourns her death, the Vizier enters the scene looking to claim the Dagger, but before he has time to attack the Prince leaps onto the Hourglass and inserts the Dagger which causes time to rewind back before the Persian army invaded India.

After the mass rewind the Prince makes his way to Farah's room where he tells her of all the events that occurred with the Sands of Time, but Farah has no recollection of the Prince or the story. Soon after the Prince has finished his story the Vizier enters looking to kidnap Farah, the Prince finally kills the Vizier, hands the Dagger of Time back to Farah and then disappears into the jungle.

[edit] The Warrior Within

The Warrior Within takes place seven years after the incident in Azad. After the Prince used the Dagger of Time to re-write his fate he awoke the Guardian of the Timeline, The Dahaka who's looking to correct the timeline by killing the Prince and sending him to his original fate. The confidant and impulsive Prince that we formally knew is gone, replaced by an angry Prince full of fear and constantly running from the Dahaka.

The Prince looked for help from a wise Old Man who has known him since childhood, it's the Old Man who tells the Prince about the Island of Time where the Sands of Time were created and Empress of Time that controls them. The Prince decides that traveling to the island and destroying the sands is the only way to stop the Dahaka's pursuit. The Prince and his crew set sail for the Island of Time, as they get closer to the island their ship is attacked by a mysterious woman named Shahdee and her army. The Prince's crew are no match for Shahdee's army, his crew are killed and he is thrown overboard and left for dead.

The Princes battle with Shahdee
Luckily the Prince washes up on the shores of the Island of Time, while searching the island the Prince finds Shahdee once again and chases her into the main base of the island. Shahdee escapes by enter a time portal, the Prince follows her through it. The time portal leads him to the exact spot where her entered, however he has travelled many years into the past. He finds Shahdee yet again, she standing over a young woman in a red dress, ready to kill until the Prince distracts her, a battle ensues and the Prince kills Shahdee. The woman in red tells you her name is Kaileena and she works for the Empress of Time, she rejects your request to meet the Empress and constantly warns the Prince that his journey is pointless as he cannot change his fate. After being denied an audience with the Empress, the Prince has to make his way to the throne room the hard way, on his journey he discovers that he is being followed by a dark, shadow figure, the shadow figure appears several times on his way to find the Empress but it never attacks the Prince, it even saves the Prince from death one point. When he finally gets to the throne room he finds out the truth, Kaileena is the Empress of Time.

She has seen in her fate in the timeline that she is to be killed by the Prince and she tries to change her fate by killing him, however the Empress' fate becomes a reality at the hands of the Prince. After Kaileena's death the Prince believes he has changed his fate, however the remains of Kaileena turn into the Sands of Time, meaning he had created the very thing he was trying to destroy. Soon after unleashing the sands, the Prince is chased yet again by the Dahaka, he manages to escape by entering an old tomb, inside the tomb he finds the Mask of the Wraith. This mask gives the Prince a second chance to cheat his fate, when wearing the mask the Prince transforms into the Sandwraith; a dark shadow figure that can travel through time and can take up another space in the Timeline, separate from the Prince. He plans on using the mask to travel back to before he killed the Empress and take her with him to the present, thus stopping the Sands from ever being created.

The Empress of Time

As the Sandwraith reaches the scene of battle between the Prince and the Empress he is confronted by the Dahaka, the Sandwraith uses the Mask of the Wraith's special ability to switch places with the Prince, so the Prince from the past is killed by the Dahaka and the Prince who was consumed by the Sandwraith is freed from the mask. The Prince convinces the Kaileena to go back to the present with him, thus stopping the Prince from unleashing the sands, the Maharajah from discovering the sands and wiping the whole Azad incident off the timeline. The plan works well in the Prince's favor as the Dahaka is no longer chasing him, however the Dahaka now has it's sights set on Kaileena who disrupted the timeline by traveling to the present. There's no more running from the Prince, he must now face the Dahaka head on and with the help of Kaileena the Prince is able to drive the mystical Water Sword into the skull of the Dahaka, destroying the Guardian of the Timeline.

The final scene shows Kaileena and the Prince setting sail from the Island of Time and making the journey back to Babylon. Kaileena looks into the eyes of the Prince and sees his future, it shows a burning city full of war and death. A crown rolls across the floor and is picked up by a hooded figure. The game ends with his words:

"All that is yours is rightfully mine! And mine it shall be!"

[edit] The Two Thrones

The Prince and Kaileena's journey from the Island of Time to Babylon is almost at an end. With the Dahaka defeated, the Prince believes he's finished with the Sands of Time and that he no longer needs the Medallion of Time given to him by Farah, so he throws it into the sea. As their boat passes by cliff they get their fist view of Babylon, but it was not as the Prince had expected. The entire city had been engulfed in war, the houses were burning and arrows and fire balls were soaring across the city. Before the Prince had chance to take in what had happened his boat came under fire from the enemy, hundreds of arrows come crashing down followed by a catapult which destroys the ship and sends the Prince and Kaileena overboard.

The Prince washes up on the shores of Babylon, when he awakes he sees Kaileena in the distance being carried away by two guards. The Prince chases the guards through the streets and into the Palaceand it's here where the Prince learns that the enemy is the Indian army lead by none other than the Vizier. The Prince discovers that when he saved Kaileena the Sands of Time were never created meaning the Vizier never discovered them on his journey to the Island of Time and that he was never killed by the Prince. He did however still discover his staff, the Dagger of Time and an empty hourglass on the island and it was the Dagger that drew him to Babylon. When the Maharajah refuses to go, the Vizier murdered him and took control of the Indian Army.

The Prince's confrontation with Klompa
When the Prince finally catches up to Kaileena she is being held captive by the Vizier who plans on killing her in order to obtain the Sands of Time. The Prince launches an attack towards the Vizier but is pulled back by the Mahasti, one of the Vizier's lieutenants. She pulled the Prince back by using a long steel chain called Daggertail which wrapped itself around the Prince's arm leaving him completely helpless as the Vizier kills Kaileena. He stabs her with the Dagger of Time which unleashes the sands through-out Babylon, the vizier then stabs himself with the Dagger which transforms him into Zurvan, the God of Time. The entire city begins to shake and the Prince manages to grab the Dagger dropped by the Vizier just as the ground below him crumbles and he falls into darkness.

Because the Prince earlier discarded the Medallion of Time he had nothing to protect himself from the Sands of Time, however his infection progressed much slower than everyone else, he had not mutated into a sand creature but the Daggertail which was still attached to his arm was glowing. It's not until later in game that the prince realises the true extent of the sands infection when he starts hearing a voice in his head. This is the voice of the Dark Prince who is a manifestation of darkness and anger within the Prince. It's also believed that the Dark Prince was created after the Prince used the Mask of Wraith on the Island of Time.

There are situations where the Prince lets his emotions get the best of him, that's when the Dark Prince is able to gain control of the body they share. As the Dark Prince you can use the Daggertail attached to your arm as you main weapon, it's also useful for swinging from one platform to another. The only way to revert back into the Prince is to have contact with water. The Prince doesn't seem to have much of a problem with with Dark Prince until he is re-united with Farah who doesn't recognize him because of his constant interference with the timeline. Farah has come to Babylon seeking revenge on the Vizier for murdering her father, she also seems stronger and more independent than the Fara from the Sands of Time. The Prince tries his best to hide the dark Prince from Farah, but this only makes it worse when she finds out the truth, but Farah eventually puts her differences aside and they head for the palace together. However after entering the palace the Vizier captures Farah and throws the Prince into the palace well which has been completely drained of water and as luck would have it, he was consumed yet again by the Dark Prince. With the well being completely drained the Prince had no source of water to help him revert back to his former self. Just when it seemed the Dark Prince was about to gain full control over his body, the Prince found the body of his father, Sharaman within a dark tomb in well. It was only after seeing his fathers lifeless body that the Prince finally accepted the truth.
The Dark Prince using the Daggertail

He has been childishly running from conflict for the last seven years, instead of dealing with his troubles like a man. The Prince had been hiding from his personal failures rather than accepting that they exist and moving forward. Coming to grips with this, the Prince takes up his father's sword, which light up the darkness, and after finally accepting all his mistakes and their consequences, the Dark Prince's control over his body is destroyed and he is able to revert permanently to his normal form at will. The Prince now makes his way back to the Palace in search of Farah and the Vizier.

The Prince finds Farah and Vizier at the top of the Palace and after a long battle the Prince launches himself at the Vizier and stabs him with the Dagger of Time and frees the city from the sands. The spirit of Kaileena then appears and tells the Prince he is free at last, he give here the Dagger of Time and she disappears. Thinking it was finally over, the Prince went to pick up his father's crown, however in a last attempt to take control of his body, the Dark Prince pulls the Prince inside his mind. In here the Dark Prince tries to release the anger within the Prince and encourages him to attack him. It's not until he hears Farah's voice telling him walk away, that the Prince turns his back on his dark counterpart and heads for the light, leaving the Dark Prince trapped alone in his own mind.

The final scene shows the Prince and Farah looking out over the city of Babylon, Farah asks the Prince how he really knew her name. The Prince responds with the same words that began the entire tale:

"Most people think time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you, they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I am and why I say this. Sit down, and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard..."

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