Prince's father Sharaman

Sharaman is sultan of Persia and the Prince's father.

[edit] The Sands of Time

In Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Sharaman orders an attack on India in order to obtain treasure, promised by the Vizier. After the attack, when the Persian army is in Azad, and Sands of Time are released upon the world, Sharaman is overcome and becomes corrupt. Later, the Prince is forced to kill him, his own father. In the end of the game, Prince rewinds time, cancelling out his death.

[edit] The Two Thrones

When the Prince returns from the Island of Time he is contronted with the Vizier's army. Late in the game, Prince discovers Sharaman dead. It infuriates Prince to the point that he overcomes the grip of his alter-ego, Dark Prince.

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