The Alchemist

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The Alchemist is one of the four Corruptions in the Prince of Persia. He was once a scientist on a constant quest for knowledge. As a result of his non-stop working, his health began to deteriorate and he became fixated on finding a formula for eternal youth. The Alchemist's strong desire soon lead him to striking a deal with Ahriman, The Alchemist had to give Ahriman his sole in exchange for the most complicated alchemical formula ever seen, to which he happily agreed. The Alchemist spent the rest of his life trying to perfect the formula he had been given but it eventually drained what was left of his health and he dropped dead.

It was only after Ahriman took the soul from his body that he realized he had finally got what he wanted, as long as Ahriman lived, The Alchemist had eternal life.

[edit] Experiments and Powers

The Alchemist has the ability to control Corruption and mould it to his needs. He performed experiments on the Ahura in the name of science. What the experiments were for nobody knows, however, some of his work included changing corrupted into various warriors and producing machines of mass destruction. At the height of his power, The Alchemist was producing walking war machines as large as cities that could destroy anything in their path.

[edit] Air Balloons

The Alchemist also built massive hot air balloons in the Construction Yard, which the Prince thought were amazing. He wondered whether those balloons could be used for flying, but each time he muses about them Elika says they must be destroyed for fear of them being a risk to the Fertile Grounds. Later, when faced with the Alchemist in the Construction Yard he makes an interesting remark about his opponents embracing ignorance which seems to fit well with Elika's view on the balloons.

[edit] Quotes

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